Europe – Information on Cosmetic Packaging Materials in the Context of the EU Cosmetics Regulation EC 1223/2009 (Recommandations pour l’évaluation des emballages cosmétiques)

This document identifies a set of useful information from packaging/material suppliers that
supports the assessment of the impact of the packaging on the safety of the cosmetic product contained therein.
There is no legal obligation that this information has to be collected by a cosmetic manufacturer by using this document. It is possible to apply other approaches, provided that they result in necessary, relevant information being available to the cosmetic product safety assessor.
The document concerns the exchange of information. It does not provide safety assessment methodologies for integrating such information into the cosmetic product safety assessment. This remains fully in the role of the cosmetic product safety assessor.
At the time of publication (June 2019), the principles described in this document have been
thoroughly tested in a number of pilot studies, involving actors from all steps in the packaging / material supply chain. However, given the complexity and diversity of the supply chain, the approach cannot (yet) be considered as widespread industry practice. Implementation throughout the supply chain will take place over time and the document itself will evolve with the practical experience gained…