International – Nouveau code de conduite pour l’industrie mondiale du marketing et de la publicité

Launched today at a conference in New York, the new edition of the flagship ICC Marketing Code raises consumer protection standards around the world and expands rules in the digital realm.

ICC has today released the tenth revision of its flagship Advertising and Marketing Communications Code—a globally-applicable self-regulatory framework developed by experts from all industry sectors worldwide. The ICC Marketing Code was launched during the National Advertising Division’s 2018 Annual Conference in New York. ICC is the world’s largest business organisation, representing over 45 million companies and more than 1 billion workers.

Underpinning self-regulatory frameworks in 42 countries, the ICC Marketing Code seeks to protect consumers by clearly setting out the “dos and don’ts” for responsible marketing to ensure legal, honest, decent and truthful communications and practices. This new revision ensures that the ICC Marketing Code takes into account emerging digital marketing and advertising practices, such as artificial intelligence-enabled marketing, market influencers, vloggers and data analytics.

The tenth revision of the ICC Marketing Code includes…