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EFSA Journal: special edition on dietary reference values

EFSA’s work on dietary reference values (DRVs) has been brought together in a special edition of the EFSA Journal. DRVs are key tools used by health professionals, scientists, risk managers and policy makers, among others. They provide the scientific basis for nutrition recommendations and diet planning for healthy people, and for many other purposes.

Over the past seven years EFSA’s Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA Panel) has completed 32 scientific opinions that recommend DRVs for water, fats, carbohydrates and dietary fibre, protein, energy, as well as 14 vitamins and 13 minerals.

In addition to the full opinions, a summary report is also available that gives an overview of the NDA Panel’s important work in this area. The report includes summaries from all 32 opinions, together with synthesised tables and annexes.

The summary report is not intended as a substitute for the original opinions. For the detailed reasoning behind the values recommended for individual nutrients, readers are invited to consult the full opinions.

All the documents are available via a single page in the EFSA Journal, EFSA’s open-access online scientific journal.

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