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Un algorithme pour prédire le diagnostic de maladies rares

Pour les ataxies cérébelleuses autosomiques récessives, cet outil se révèle plus performant que des experts humains.
Distinguer les cancers ­cutanés de tumeurs ­bénignes, dépister une rétinopathie diabétique, proposer une stratégie thérapeutique dans un cas complexe de cancer ou de maladie chronique… Voilà ce que des systèmes d’intelligence artificielle (IA) peuvent déjà faire en médecine, ou qu’ils feront demain. Dans ce même ­esprit d’aide au diagnostic et à la décision, le professeur Mathieu Anheim, neurologue au CHU de Strasbourg, et son équipe ont conçu et validé un algorithme pour des maladies rares du ­système nerveux : les ataxies ­cérébelleuses autosomiques récessives (ACAR)...

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AdvaMed Raises Questions With FDA’s Combo Product Proposed Rule

AdvaMed is taking issue with the US Food and Drug Administration’s product jurisdiction proposed rule, which the device group thinks strays from how the 21st Century Cures Act defined combination products, according to comments released Monday. Some of the proposed revisions run counter to the plain language and intent of Section 3038 of the Cures Act , AdvaMed said. The group is seeking to clarify that a combination product’s primary mode of action shall not be determined to be that of a drug or biologic solely because the product features “any chemical action” in or on the body. “Given the...

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Stimulation of Brain’s Reward System Leads to Reduction in Cancer Tumors

Scientists at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have come up with a surprising way of fighting tumors and in the process showed that our brains have a role in preventing the growth of cancers. The researchers, who reported their findings in journal Nature Communications , artificially stimulated the reward system of mice stricken with cancer. What the investigators showed is that over time, the mice that received stimulation had significantly smaller tumors than control mice that were not administered the therapy. The team believes that their stimulation affected the nervous system so...

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Register as a manufacturer to sell medical devices

Register a manufacturer or authorised representative (agent) for a manufacturer, to sell medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. Overview If you place certain medical devices on the EU market you or your designated authorised representative must register with the competent authority (national health regulator) in the EU state where you have an office or place of business. In the UK, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the competent authority for the registration of medical devices. MHRA will only register manufacturers or authorised...



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