UK – New UK conformity mark to replace the CE mark in a « no-deal » scenario

The UK Government has unveiled the design for a new UK conformity mark that would replace the CE mark in the UK in the event that the UK is not able to agree a deal with the EU. The new marking will be known as the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking and will cover most, but not all, products currently covered by the CE marking.

In a « no-deal » scenario, the EU will no longer recognise the competency of UK-based assessment bodies to assess products for the EU market and, consequently, products assessed by UK assessment bodies will no longer be eligible to use the CE marking. In this case, the UK government intends to reclassify the UK assessment bodies as UK Approved Bodies, who will assess products against relevant UK requirements and issue the new UK marking to compliant products. The rules regarding the use of the UKCA mark will reflect those currently in place regarding the use of the CE mark.

In addition, the UK government intends to introduce requirements for a UK Declaration of Conformity to accompany products applying the UKCA marking and for companies to keep a technical file of documents to demonstrate conformity to the relevant UK requirements. This will mirror the system currently in operation regarding the CE marking…