UK – NHS to operate lung cancer scanning trucks across UK

The NHS has announced plans to rollout lung cancer scanning trucks across the country, operating from supermarket car parks and aiming to save lives by catching the condition early.

The targeted screening will help improve survival rates by going first to the some of the areas with the highest death rates from lung cancer, after a recent study showed computed tomography (CT) screening reduced lung cancer mortality by 26% in men and between 39% and 61% in women.

The roll out has the potential to reach around 600,000 people over four years, detecting approximately 3,400 cancers and saving hundreds of lives across the country.

The news comes after the NHS Long Term Plan set out an ambition that 55,000 more people will survive their cancer – to achieve this the plan also included an ambition to increase the number of cancers diagnosed at stages one and two from half to three-quarters of cancer patients.