USA – Intuitive Surgical Could Help Usher in a New Era for Medtech

InTouch Health is building an Internet of Medical Things for Intuitive Surgical that could also benefit other medical device companies and healthcare systems.

More than a decade ago Amazon recognized that it needed mass-cloud computing power, but didn’t believe there was a third party service available to meet their needs, so they built their own cloud computing infrastructure. The online retailer also realized early on that this problem that it had solved for itself was the same problem that people and organizations all over the world were also facing, so they created the Amazon Web Services (AWS) subsidiary.

Santa Barbara, CA-based InTouch Health is following Amazon’s example in an effort to offer medical device companies an ability to connect to their products after they’ve been installed within a highly secure healthcare network. The company has built a telehealth platform that allows it to tap into any of the 2,300 hospitals that its software is currently inside of in order to solve the challenge of interconnectivity between unaffiliated healthcare facilities. But rather than just keep this ability to itself, InTouch has started partnering with other medical device companies seeking a way to access data from their own devices and software systems that sit inside a healthcare environment…