USA – Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns in 2019

Released in conjunction with National Patient Safety Awareness week, ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2019 raises the profile of safety issues that pose risks to patients and healthcare providers.

In selecting this year’s list, ECRI Institute said it relied both on data regarding events and concerns and on expert judgment. Since 2009, when ECRI’s patient safety organization (PSO) began collecting patient safety events, the institute and its partner PSOs have received more than 2.8 million event reports.

« That means that the 10 patient safety concerns on this list are very real, » noted the authors of the report. « They are harming people, sometimes seriously. »

The process synthesized data from these varied sources: a review of events in the ECRI Institute PSO database; PSO members’ root-cause analyses and research requests; topics reflected in weekly HRC Alerts; and voting by a panel of experts from inside and outside ECRI Institute…