Canada – Drug and medical device highlights 2018: Helping you maintain and improve your health

The report gives information about new drugs and medical devices that Health Canada approved for sale in Canada, the information we published about potential safety issues, and our other accomplishments in 2018.

This year, the report includes an expanded section on medical devices and a new section about veterinary drugs. We have also added non-prescription drugs, more commonly known as over-the-counter products. The report this year is divided into sections on drugs for human use, medical devices, and drugs for veterinary use to best portray information about these therapeutic products.

When Health Canada approves new products we continue to monitor their use in the real world, and take action when there are identified problems. This year’s report provides information about how to report an adverse drug reaction or medical device incident. We also provide more detailed information about the risk communications we have issued for products on the Canadian market, that is, the information we have published to inform healthcare professionals and the public of newly identified safety issues.

Health Canada has a wealth of information available online for those seeking current, up-to-date information about drugs and medical devices. Based on feedback from last year’s report, we have expanded the “Healthy Clicks” sections, where you will find the most up-to-date information on our activities. We also invite you to follow @GovCanHealth on Twitter for updates on newly approved drugs and medical devices.

We trust that the 2018 Highlights Report provides you with important information about the work that we do, and how the new drugs and medical devices we approved in 2018 make significant contributions to improved healthcare outcomes for Canadians…