Europe – EC : Preparedness for COVID-19 vaccination strategies and vaccine deployment

The coronavirus crisis has turned upside down the way we live our lives, how we interact with each other, how we use public spaces, and the way we work. No part of our lives has
remained unaffected. Europe has made massive strides towards overcoming the
coronavirus pandemic, safeguarding the internal market and providing cross border
But now is not the moment to let down our guard. After a period of lower transmission
rates, during which countries were able to progressively start lifting the public health
measures that were put in place, infection rates have been increasing again across the EU
since August.
While the upsurge initially correlated to increased testing rates in countries and transmission among younger people showing no or mild symptoms, the majority of EU countries is now observing a worrying rise in the rate of infections across the whole population, as well as increasing hospitalisations, severe cases, and fatalities. As the number of COVID-19 cases rise sharply in parts of Europe, fuelled largely by young adults, health authorities from many Member States are calling on all citizens, and particularly on young people, to do more to halt the spread of the virus.