Europe – Electronic registration process in EudraVigilance XCOMP : registration phases I, II and III

The registration form is the same for all organisation categories: regulators, marketing authorisation holders, commercial and non-commercial sponsors, and vendors.

Category: Indicate the organisation category that is applicable to your organisation.

Trademark: Trademark is any sign, which can be used to distinguish the goods and       services of one trader from another. If an organisation does not have a trademark, the name of the organisation can be added in this field.

Organisation ID: Each organisation must specify a unique organisation identifier (organisation ID), which is used to uniquely identify each organisation in the EDI process. The organisation identifier is also used to uniquely identify your organisation as the sender of the extended medicinal product report messages and to assign the ownership of this information for security purposes to your organisation.

− Use a string formed by upper-case letters (A to Z), a number set (0 to 9) or a combination of both. Special or country-based characters and blank spaces are not allowed. The organisation ID must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 characters…