Europe – EMA : Final Programming Document 2021-2023

I am extremely pleased, as new Executive Director, to introduce the EMA single programming document, which provides an overview of the Agency’s activities in the upcoming years.

Overall, our future multi-annual planning, alongside fostering scientific excellence in the evaluation and supervision of medicines, will be driven by the implementation of the new the European Medicines Agencies Network Strategy and Regulatory Science Strategy. These documents cover the period 2020- 2025 and have been conceived, developed and approved in consultation with our stakeholders. These strategies provide us with a strategic direction helping EMA together with the Network to collectively tackle current and future challenges more effectively and seize the opportunities that new science, new technology and better data present.

The coming years, and especially 2021, will again be exceptional for EMA, as the impact of the COVID19 pandemic will continue to present challenges to the Agency. EMA will pursue its effort to evaluate and supervise rapidly emerging medical innovations that give access to safe and effective treatments and vaccines against the virus…