Europe – EU highlights concerns with Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation

Quarterly report requirement 'challenging and time consuming'

The EU has said it is concerned that some of its comments on Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation « have not been taken into account ».

In an 8 April WTO notification, the EU noted various instances where the draft deviates from EU legislation, on which it is based.

The new law follows the EU in proposing to link each cosmetic product with a ‘responsible person’. But Israel has added a requirement for the responsible person to submit quarterly reports for every product, which does not align with the EU cosmetics Regulation.

This would be « very challenging and time consuming for companies without providing additional protection to consumers, » the EU said. It recommended the Israeli authorities reconsider this new obligation.

And a requirement to obtain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification from an authority is « not in line with the EU cosmetics Regulation or with any international practice across the world, » it said. It added that a clear disadvantage is already being observed for companies based in those EU countries that do not have a competent authority delivering GMP certificates.

Nanomaterial pre-notification

The draft regulation also requires products containing nanomaterials to be notified, six months before being placed on the market. In the EU, these requirements do not apply to any nanomaterials listed in Annexes III to VI of the cosmetics Regulation…