Europe – Euro Roundup

Big pharma trade group EFPIA has called on the European Commission to create a multi-stakeholder forum to discuss how to improve access to medicines. The proposal comes shortly after EFPIA voiced its opposition to European Union plans to implement joint health technology assessments (HTA).

While the systems and processes EU member states use to appraise medicines are one barrier to access, “more interrelated factors explain unavailability and delays” and need to be addressed, according to EFPIA.

“[The factors] range from a slow regulatory process, late initiation of market access applications, reimbursement delays due to inefficient processes and duplicative evidence requirements, and finally, a slow uptake of innovation due to local formulary decisions and endorsement by clinicians,” EFPIA wrote.

Echoing the European Health Coalition, which it is a member of, EFPIA proposed establishing a multi-stakeholder forum. The coalition wants members of the forum to “discuss all drivers and barriers to access innovation, including economic, budgetary, organizational and regulatory.”…