Europe – Euro Roundup: NICE seeks feedback on how it develops health technology guidance

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is seeking feedback on its proposals to create a simplified, single process for all technology evaluations and gain the flexibility to assess new and emerging health technologies. Feedback is being accepted until 15 April.

“To continue to support the needs and aspirations of all parts of the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, NICE must ensure that its processes of health technology evaluation maintain and improve upon key objectives regarding quality, dependability, speed, flexibility and cost,” said Meindert Boysen, deputy chief executive at NICE. “These proposals present an important opportunity to achieve these objectives.”

NICE grouped its proposals into four themes.

  • Align current guidance development processes. Specific proposals include the development of a single simplified process for all Centre for Health Technology Evaluation (CHTE) programs. NICE sees the single process as a response to the different terminology and approaches to scoping, stakeholder involvement and consultation that arose due to the independent evolution of CHTE programs.
  • Create new process improvements and ways of working. Specifically, the agency seeks to develop a process to rapidly review guidance as a result of the introduction of biosimilars and an option to stop guidance development when a company puts forward a base-case incremental cost-effectiveness ratio that is well above the standard threshold…