Europe – Guidance document on Aquatic and Sediment Toxicological Testing of Nanomaterials

Currently available OECD TGs address safety testing of chemicals in its broadest
sense with respect to physical-chemical properties, effects on biotic systems (ecotoxicity),
environmental fate (e.g., degradation and bioaccumulation), health effects (toxicity), and
other areas such as pesticide residue chemistry and efficacy testing of biocides. These
TGs are internationally accepted as standard methods for safety testing and provide the
common basis for the mutual acceptance of test data (OECD, 2019b). These TGs provide
guidance for professionals working in industry, academia and government on the testing
and assessment of chemical substances. The subset of TGs that address ecotoxicology
testing are the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, Section 2: Effects on Biotic
Systems. OECD aquatic and sediment TGs are intended to be applicable to different types
of chemicals (e.g., mono-constituent or multi-constituent substances, mixtures of
chemicals, pesticide formulations, cosmetic products, etc.)…