Europe – Mandate, objectives and rules of procedure for the Name Review Group (NRG)

1. General considerations

According to the CHMP rules of procedure, the Committee may consult its working parties on any scientific issue related to their specific fields of expertise. The Committee may also delegate certain tasks associated with the scientific evaluation of applications, or drafting of guidelines to the relevant working parties. The tasks identified by the Committee should be included in the work programme of each working party to be adopted by the Committee.

From January 1995 until October 1999, (invented) names were reviewed by the CPMP during their monthly meetings.

In October 1999, the Committee agreed to set up a Satellite Group of the CPMP initially called « Tradename Review Ad Hoc Group » (TRAHG), currently known as “Name Review Group” (NRG) to perform the review of names and identify potential difficulties, from a safety/public health point of view, presented by the (invented) name(s) proposed by an applicant. Being a Satellite Group of the CHMP, the NRG will only deal with (invented) names for human medicines…