Europe – Outcome of the 169th session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission

The 169th session of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Commission took place on 23 and 24 March 2021.

At this session, the Commission adopted 68 texts for publication in Ph. Eur. Supplement 10.7, including the following 9 new texts:

  • 8 individual monographs:
    • Nebivolol hydrochloride (2575);
    • Senna fruit dry extract, standardised (3084) and Senna fruit dry hydroalcoholic extract, standardised (3127);
    • 3 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) monographs: Bitter apricot seed (2935)Peach seed (2975) and Notopterygium rhizome and root (2662);
    • 2 medicinal product monographs elaborated under the P4 procedure: Deferasirox dispersible tablets (2934) and Teriflunomide tablets (3037);
  • 1 general (information) chapter, Monographs on essential oils (5.30).

The Ph. Eur. Commission also adopted revised versions of 59 texts. These include chapter 2.2.48 Raman Spectroscopy, which was revised to reflect the latest developments in the field; a dedicated news item on this topic has just been published: “Adoption of the revised Raman Spectroscopy chapter”…