Europe – ProteoGenix Receives European Funding to Develop a Therapeutic Antibody for the Treatment of Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases

In a project coordinated by ImmunOs Therapeutics AG and in partnership with Amsterdam UMC, ProteoGenix prepares to tackle an unmet medical need and alleviate the burden of incurable inflammatory diseases

ProteoGenix, a France-based contract research organization specialized in antibody development, announces today that it has received public funding from the European Union’s Eurostars-2 Program. The funds will be used for the development of a highly-specific monoclonal antibody (OCi mAb). The OCi will target human leukocyte antigen open conformers (HLA-OCs), a novel therapeutic target and one of the main drivers of inflammation in several rheumatic diseases. The research will be conducted in partnership with ImmunOs Therapeutics AG (Schlieren, Switzerland) and Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

ImmunOs Therapeutics AG is a leader in the development of innovative treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. It will contribute to this consortium by bringing its expertise and knowledge about HLA-OCs and autoimmune diseases. Throughout the project, it will operate by selecting promising monoclonal antibody lead candidates generated by ProteoGenix. Amsterdam UMC is a leading translational research organization that will contribute with its expertise in the SpA disease model and other immune-mediated inflammatory diseases…