Europe – Rules of procedure for the Patients and Consumers Working Party (PCWP) and the Healthcare Professionals Working Party (HCPWP)

1. Roles and responsibilities

Membership of the PCWP and HCPWP implies a commitment from its members, through their appointed representatives, to participate actively in the work of the working party, which includes:
 Identify relevant topics for information, discussion and reflection.
 Exchange views and positions from organisations, scientific committees and EMA on topics addressed by the working party.
 Participate in meetings and written consultations of non-confidential nature.
 Propose recommendations to EMA, scientific committees and organisations on topics addressed by the working party.
 Inform their organisations and scientific committees about the activities of the working party.
 Agree on the mandate, work plan and any governance-related documents of the working party. The working party shall have two Chairpersons (referred to as Co-Chairs, hereafter). One Co-Chair (also referred to as the EMA Co-Chair) will be a representative of the EMA secretariat and will be nominated by a Decision of the Executive Director. The other co-chair (also referred to as the HCPWP/PCWP Co-Chair) will be elected amongst working party members, following the procedure described in point 4. The Co-chairs shall in particular:
 Plan the work of the working party together with the EMA secretariat.
 Monitor, together with the EMA secretariat, that the rules of procedure are respected.
 Aim to achieve consensus on issues discussed by the working party and in exceptional cases, decide if a vote is necessary.
 Co-ordinate together with the EMA secretariat the work of this working party with that of other relevant working parties of the Agency…