Europe – The Impact of a ‘No deal’ Brexit on the Cosmetics Industry

Over the summer, CTPA continued to meet with different UK Government departments to provide insight to the cosmetic industry priorities and key asks for the future UK landscape and our relationship with the EU post the UK’s exit from the EU. The Association has also taken part in informal consultations on several projects. Overall, it is crucial for business to have adequate notice of the trading and regulatory environment and to avoid a ‘no deal’ scenario with a resultant cliff-edge in March 2019.

On 4 July, CTPA shared with The Rt. Hon Greg Clark MP from BEIS a letter highlighting the impact of the EU Exit on the UK cosmetics industry and the industry position to remain in the Customs Union and to promote EU/UK Regulatory Alignment for the cosmetics sector.

On 15 August, CTPA received a response directly from Greg Clark confirming that the key asks from the industry are clearly reflected in the White Paper on Brexit ‘The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union White Paper’. The letter confirms that the UK Government is looking into regulatory alignment by converting EU law into UK law for the Cosmetic Products Regulation and REACH, whilst preparing for frictionless trade. It is in the mutual interests of the UK and the EU to secure a negotiated outcome.

However, the political landscape is very uncertain and therefore it is crucial for companies to work on contingency planning in case a deal is not agreed.
The UK Government has published a series of technical notices to provide guidance to businesses on how to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

The most relevant papers for the cosmetics industry are…