India – 14 vaccine candidates from India look promising

Human trials for at least 3-4 candidates are likely to begin in the next 2-6 months. Biotechnology Industry Research Investment Council (BIRAC) a public sector of Department of Biotechnology, has been at the forefront since the inception of the COVID crisis.

At the global level, there are at least 90 candidates in the fray. Efforts are on with 30 vaccine potentials by industry and academicians in India. What stage are we in for these vaccines?
Out of the various vaccines being developed globally, about 30 vaccine candidates are being developed in India. Nearly 14 being developed by industry and academia show promising leads. There are also efforts where Indian academia and industry are participating in global partnerships. Many academic and research institutes are working as part of the consortium to develop platforms for vaccines. Four of these candidates are at advanced stages of development…