India – India’s CDSCO Seeks Feedback From Users of Online Drug, Medical Device Portals

India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is seeking feedback on its Sugam online portal. The consultation is designed to ascertain how users feel about Sugam now that parts of the online regulatory portal have been operational for more than two years.

To gather information, CDSCO published nearly identical feedback forms aimed at drug and medical device companies. The forms ask users to grade eight aspects of the portal on a scale ranging from one, strongly disagree, to five, strongly agree. CDSCO will use the responses to give an overall score out of 40.

The eight topics CDSCO wants users to grade cover whether Sugam is user friendly, understandable to a layperson with general IT awareness and if appropriate support was provided before they began using the system.

CDSCO is also seeking more in-depth responses on four broad subjects. These open-ended questions ask users for feedback on the major challenges and strengths of Sugam, the adequacy of the checklist for various applications on the portal and ideas for short- to long-term improvements of the system.

The consultation comes after CDSCO has worked through the teething problems that slowed the rollout of Sugam, enabling it to deploy the system across a wide range of critical regulatory processes. Gathering feedback on persistent shortcomings and opportunities for improvement could provide CDSCO with a roadmap for further development of the platform.

CDSCO is accepting feedback for two weeks…