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Caregen is a Biotechnology company which manufactures and supplies functional cosmetics and cosmeceuticals like medical devices (fillers) based on the research and technology of Growth Factors and Peptides which acts just like Growth Factors. This technology-intensive enterprise develops and owns about 500 kinds of peptides with strong physiological activity and of these, 287 are registered as domestic and foreign patents.

Based on this technology, Caregen has achieved double-digit annual sales growth and industry-leading rate of operating profits. Dermaheal, Revofil and Prostrololane which are their own brands, are recognized abroad based on CE certification and they are exported to more than 130 countries which account for 90% of the total sales. In particular, in the M/S (market share) of the Russian and CIS filler markets, Caregen has been ranked 1st for several years.

Caregen is now preparing for a leap for greater growth. They have evolved from the small-scale framework of the sales structure of multi-product production system to a development of a product with high sales potential of blockbuster grade and is aiming to change the constitution from this year onwards.

One of their key products is PTx (Peptide Toxin), a peptide product that shows the mechanism of a botulinum toxin type C. PTx is a comprehensive product with Caregen’s know-how of Peptide development and it is the world’s only cosmetic product with the mechanism of botulinum toxin. The existing botulinum toxin products are type A’s and they only cleave SNAP-25 of the snare complex within the neuron while PTx, a botulinum toxin type C product, is the world’s first product to show a strong mechanism of cleaving Syntaxin as well…