International – Six Guiding Principles for Pharmaceutical Companies to Achieve Global Quality

COVID-19 has ushered in a new age of urgency for pharmaceutical companies, one that simultaneously requires increased regulatory flexibility and unwavering commitment to quality. Now more than ever, companies recognize the importance of ensuring quality at each of their units and sites around the world. To achieve oversight of their quality outputs across the globe under these challenging circumstances, organizations must globalize the quality function rapidly but also thoughtfully.

Globalizing any technical function is a daunting proposition, so here I share a blueprint for successfully globalizing quality: six guiding principles distilled from decades of experience in globalizing functions (Table 1). By following this blueprint to achieving global quality, organizations can reap the benefits of quality culture, including compliance excellence and competitive advantage.

The Guiding Principles

Each of the six principles exhorts a company to put people first as it establishes a global quality framework. The principles are transferable to any organization, whatever its size or global footprint, and they will continue to be helpful as companies evolve and grow…