International – WHO agrees to no-fault compensation for rare serious side effects from COVAX-distributed vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed an agreement on behalf of the international vaccines-sharing facility COVAX for a no-fault compensation programme for rare serious side effects associated with vaccines distributed via the scheme.

According to the WHO, the programme is the first vaccine injury compensation mechanism operating on an international scale. It covers all 92 low- and middle-income countries and economies that are eligible for support from the COVAX Facility until 30 June 2022.

The compensation programme will offer all eligible individuals a ‘fast, fair, robust and transparent’ process for gaining compensation in the rare event that they experience a serious side effect associated with a COVAX-distributed vaccine.

The COVAX programme will provide a no-fault lump sum compensation in full and final settlement of any claims, the WHO said in a statement.

This strategy aims to reduce the need for making use of law courts, which could potentially be a lengthy and costly process…