UK – ABPI publishes new guidelines on pharma working with patients

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has published a new guide for pharmaceutical companies working with patients, which provides companies with new guidance on "working successfully, collaboratively and ethically with patients and patient groups and in line with the ABPI Code of Practice.”

The sourcebook covers six topics, which were identified as areas where further guidance would be of assistance, such as principles and agreements, stating that companies must have written agreements when working with patient organisations, and principles of clarity, integrity, independence and transparency should underpin all collaborations.

The code also has strict guidance on the purpose of the meetings and what can and can’t be included, for example, meetings must have a clear educational purpose.

The ABPI also stated that it supports collaboration between industry and patients in the interests of enhancing public health, however, in the new guidance companies must make publicly available each year a list of the patient organisations to which they provide support, both financial and non-financial with a description of what the support is for and the monetary value…