UK – Brexit Withdrawal Signed Ahead of UK’s 31 January Departure

Presidents of the European Commission and European Council and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday signed a withdrawal agreement that will see the UK continue to follow EU rules through the end of the year while seeking a deal for future ties with the EU.

The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on the deal on 29 January. The agreement is expected to sail through the European Parliament after its Constitutional Affairs Committee voted in favor of the agreement in a 23-3 vote on Thursday. Once the agreement has cleared the Parliament, the Council will adopt the agreement and it will enter into force on 31 January.

For the time being, the signing of the withdrawal agreement should relieve some anxiety over a “no deal” Brexit.

However, even with a withdrawal agreement in place, the UK and EU will need to secure a deal on their future relations before the transition period outlined in the withdrawal agreement ends on 31 December 2020…