UK – DHSC : Letter to Suppliers – Continuity of supply of medicines and medical products in 31st October no-deal EU exit scenario

Further to my note of 26th April, I want to update you on the Government’s approach to delivering our shared goal of ensuring the continued supply of medicines and medical products to patients in the UK in the event of a no-deal EU exit on 31st October; and to set out how we believe suppliers of those products to the UK can best prepare to achieve that objective. In compiling this guidance, we have listened carefully to industry feedback on our 29th March no-deal exit contingency programme, as well as building on latest insight into company preparedness from trade bodies and suppliers, and using the most recent borders planning assumptions (explained below).

Border assumptions and the need for a continued multi-layered approach

The main risk to the unhindered supply of medicines and medical products presented by the UK exiting the EU without a deal remains the predicted reduced traffic flow at the short straits crossings (i.e. between Calais/Dunkirk/Coquelles and Dover/Folkestone). Around three-quarters of medicines and over half the clinical consumables the UK uses come from (or via) the EU and the vast majority are reliant on those crossings…