UK – Increased discount leads NICE to reverse positon on Clovis cancer drug

Ovarian cancer drug Rubraca now recommended for use within the Cancer Drugs Fund. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended Clovis Oncology’s ovarian cancer drug Rubraca for use within the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).

NICE’s final appraisal document overturns the position it reached originally. In draft guidance shared for consultation earlier this year, NICE found Rubraca ‘does not have the plausible potential to be cost-effective’ and as such failed to meet the criteria needed for inclusion in CDF.

Months later, NICE has concluded that Rubraca ‘has the potential to be cost-effective if further data confirms the estimated overall-survival benefit’. The need for confirmatory data means Rubraca is not recommended for routine use but is permitted for inclusion in the CDF.

NICE’s U-turn follows Clovis’ decision to provide Rubraca to the NHS at ‘a higher discount’. The extent of the discount to the list price of £3,562 per 60-tablet pack is confidential but NICE has shared details of how the quality-adjusted life year (QALY) calculations changed after Clovis’ offer…