UK – Medicines and medical products supply: government updates no-deal Brexit plans

The government has announced plans to launch procurement exercises to secure freight capacity if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) will lead a procurement exercise to secure an ‘express freight service’. It will transport small medical supply consignments into the UK within 24 hours if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

This is designed to support the uninterrupted supply of medicines and medical products where there is an urgent need or where a suppliers’ own logistics plans are disrupted.

Additional plans are also being put in place for a freight capacity framework agreement that will provide government departments with the ability to secure freight capacity for our critical supply chains as and when required. Medicines and medical products will be prioritised on capacity that is procured.

This latest procurement activity forms part of the wider plan for minimising any supply disruption. As well as freight capacity, this includes the building up of buffer stocks across the following sectors:

  • medicines
  • medical devices and clinical consumables
  • blood and transplants
  • vaccines and countermeasures
  • supplies for clinical trials
  • non-clinical goods and services

It also includes…