UK – NICE considering re-evaluation of quality of life assessment

Will address concerns around the watchdog's methodologies

Experts and internationally recognised professionals have recommended that the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) support a new study into its methods of how to value health-related quality of life.

The new valuation study is believed to be the ‘best way’ to resolve concerns about the way NICE measures and values health-related quality of life, which is a threshold used in the appraisal of new drugs. It coincides with many recent commitments made by NICE treview its methods of how it evaluates treatments.

NICE measures and values health-related quality of life by using the EQ-5D questionnaire, which is developed by EuroQol – a registered non-profit foundation. The questionnaire is compelted by members of the public to determine the benefits of certain treatments.

The answers to this questionnaire are converted into a number, which then helps to understand the public’s views on what aspects of health are most important. The conversion uses the results of a valuation study – known as a value set. The information from this is then used by NICE to make decisions about whether particular treatments are cost-effective…