UK – Research supports better integration of patient voice in health technology assessments

Myeloma UK and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have released a report outlining the findings from a research project which examined how patient preference data could be more formally incorporated in health technology assessments (HTA).

The research showed a clear scope for the better use of quantitative patient preference data in health assessments, as insights from the patient and family member workshop demonstrated how myeloma impacts the lives of patients in different ways and how important it is that these preferences are captured and used.

This will help ensure new treatments reflect the needs and preferences of patients and family members living with myeloma and other conditions.

It also found that quantitative patient preference data could help better reflect the experience of the wider patient population, and that patient preference studies might also provide important insights in conditions where a person’s experience of the condition, and what treatments they might prefer, can differ a lot from person to person…