UK – Synairgen’s SNG001 shows strong promise in COVID-19 trial

Southampton, UK-based Synairgen has announced positive results from a clinical trial of SNG001, its wholly-owned inhaled formulation of interferon beta, in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.

The risk of developing severe disease (requiring ventilation or resulting in death) during the treatment period (day one to day 16) was significantly cut by 79% for patients receiving SNG001 compared to patients who received placebo.

Data also showed that patients who received SNG001 were more than twice as likely to recover (defined as ‘no limitation of activities’ or ‘no clinical or virological evidence of infection’) over the course of the treatment period compared to those receiving placebo, while the measure of breathlessness was “markedly reduced” in patients who received the drug compared to those in the control arm.

Also of note, in patients with more severe disease at time of admission, SNG001 treatment increased the likelihood of hospital discharge during the study, although the difference was not statistically significant, at six days versus nine days for those receiving placebo…