USA – CONSORT-AI sets standards for reporting on artificial intelligence in trials

A new consensus statement, dubbed the CONSORT-AI extension, lays out the rules of the road for clinical trial reports on interventions involving artificial intelligence (AI).
The statement, which was published in Nature Medicine and written by an international working group, includes 14 new items for researchers to routinely include in their manuscripts when reporting on AI interventions.
The statement calls on researchers who report on trials that include AI to fully explain the algorithm version, input and output data, integration into trial settings, expertise of the users, and the protocol for acting upon the AI system’s recommendations.
The idea is to promote transparent reporting of AI interventions and to build on the checklist outlined in the CONSORT 2010 statement, which provides minimum guidelines for reporting randomized trials. That statement, which was originally introduced in 1996 and has been widely endorsed by medical journals, has been updated over the years…