USA – FDA: No drug shortages reported due to coronavirus

As part of its efforts to ensure the supply of medical products from China during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified 20 drugs that are made in or produced solely from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) sourced from China.

In a statement to Focus, FDA spokesperson Stephanie Caccomo said the agency has been in contact with the companies that make the 20 products and that “none of these firms has reported any shortage to date.”

Caccomo also said that FDA has been in contact with more than 180 manufacturers to remind them of their responsibility to notify the agency of anticipated supply disruptions and ask that they review their supply chains for API and other components sourced from China.

“At this time, no firm has reported a shortage is anticipated for any drug due to COVID-19,” Caccomo said.
The statement came after an report from Axios on Sunday alleged that FDA had compiled a list of about 150 drugs that are at risk of shortage, which prompted Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to send a letter to FDA…