USA – FDA releases list of essential drugs, countermeasures

The FDA published a list of the country’s essential medicines, countermeasures and critical inputs Oct. 30, following an Aug. 6 executive order requiring it do so.

The list includes 223 essential drug and biological product medicines and medical countermeasures. There are also 96 device medical countermeasures on the list, including diagnostic testing kits, ventilators, personal protective equipment, vital sign monitoring devices and vaccine delivery devices.

The FDA said essential medicines were chosen based on which are most needed by patients in U.S. acute care medical facilities. The agency said medical countermeasures were chosen based on what it expects will be needed to respond to future pandemics and epidemics, as well as potential chemical, biological and nuclear attacks.

The critical inputs the FDA chose for the list include active pharmaceutical ingredients used in essential medicines and countermeasures, as well as ingredients that help assess the safety and efficacy of those products.

The agency said the list was compiled to better prepare the country to protect its people against future disasters…