USA – FDA targets remdesivir, thymosin in compounding concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration has updated information on compounding drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on some specific compounded drugs related to COVID-19.
“FDA has concerns about the use of certain drugs prepared by compounders to treat COVID-19,” wrote the agency on its web page addressing compounding during the pandemic.
The first drug called into question by FDA is thymosin-alpha 1. “The agency is aware of drug products containing thymosin being offered to patients for the treatment of COVID-19,” wrote FDA, going on to note that thymosin is not approved to treat any condition and thus does not meet conditions for compounding under the relevant provisions of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic act.
A brief internet search on 24 February revealed several firms marketing thymosin; a representative claim for thymosin tells prospective customers that thymosin injections will “boost your immune system and protect yourself from COVID-19.” One website advises that injections of thymosin alpha-1 are being used “to combat the effects of damaged cells due to coronaviruses, including the new COVID-19.”…