USA – How is ‘natural’ regulated in the US?

In the US, ‘natural’ has not been a regulated term. But with the landmark Natural Cosmetics Act announced in November 2019, things may be about to change, as Renée Appel and Tonya Esposito of Seyfarth Shaw LLP explain

In 2019, the term ‘natural’ continued to appear on cosmetics and personal care products’ labels. In 2020, rising in the ranks, however, were ‘sustainability’ and ‘clean’, among other words connoting purer ingredients and product origin.

Such product philosophies and trends will be tested in a time when nearly everyone’s focus has shifted to anti-viral and antibacterial amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the first products to leave shelves barren were chemical-enriched hand sanitisers and wipes.

Are people willing to cast away natural in the wake of a pandemic, or are people’s enhanced safety concerns going to promote a desire for ‘cleaner’ products?…