USA – NIH releases interactive data browser for precision medicine research

The National Institutes of Health’s All of Us research program released an interactive data browser on May 6, the one-year anniversary of the program’s launch.

All of Us was created by the NIH as a way to gather health information from people across the U.S. to create a comprehensive database that can inform future research into precision medicine. In its first year, more than 143,000 people have completed the initial steps of the program, with more than 80 percent representing communities historically underrepresented in research.

The new data browser gives researchers and members of the public access to summary data about those who have participated in the program so far. The information includes responses to surveys about basic demographic information and lifestyle factors, physical measurements taken at All of Us partner sites and EHR data. Beyond this data, participants are also asked to provide blood and urine samples for analyses such as whole genome sequencing.

Though the data browser can currently only be used by researchers in an exploratory capacity, the NIH plans to unveil a Researcher Workbench, which will facilitate in-depth analysis of its initial dataset, next winter. The program will also continue to expand the information in the data browser and add the ability to categorize data by race, gender and other categories…