USA – Should the US government share the Moderna COVID vaccine recipe?

As much of the developing world struggles to gain access to COVID-19 vaccine doses, some legal experts say the key lies in having the US government share the step-by-step instructions for manufacturing and testing the Moderna mRNA vaccine with other manufacturers.

In a recent Health Affairs blog, Christopher J. Morten, Zain Rizvi, and Ameet Sarpatwari made the case that the US government, through its contract with Moderna, has both access to the details of how the vaccine is made and the legal authority to disclose the information.

“The contract, executed in April 2020, provided Moderna with hundreds of millions of dollars to build its manufacturing capacity. In exchange, Moderna agreed to share knowledge of its manufacturing process with HHS and agreed to give the U.S. government contractually defined ‘unlimited rights’ to use, reproduce, and share knowledge funded under the contract,” Morten, an associate clinical professor of law at Columbia University, and his co-authors wrote…