USA – Should we be worried that the chemicals from sunscreen can get into our blood?

Question  What is the maximum plasma concentration of active ingredients of various types of sunscreen formulations under maximal use conditions?

Findings  In this randomized clinical trial that included 24 healthy participants and application of 4 commercially available sunscreen formulations, maximum plasma concentrations (geometric mean [coefficient of variation]) for the active ingredient avobenzone were 4.0 (60.9%), 3.4 (77.3%), 4.3 (46.1%), and 1.8 (32.1%) ng/mL for 2 different sprays, a lotion, and a cream, respectively.

Meaning  The systemic absorption of sunscreen active ingredients supports the need for further studies to determine the clinical significance of these findings.


Importance  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided guidance that sunscreen active ingredients with systemic absorption greater than 0.5 ng/mL or with safety concerns should undergo nonclinical toxicology assessment including systemic carcinogenicity and additional developmental and reproductive studies…